Exploring the Scientific Art of Medical Writing: Blending complexity with simplicity

June 15-16, 2017 The Lalit, Mumbai 

As the world becomes more complex, writers struggle to play a fine balancing act between dealing with more complex challenges such as authoring complex protocols, drafting risk management plans, publication planning, authoring aggregate reports, drafting comprehensive economic and outcomes literature reviews, to stepping down the complexity a notch, trashing the jargon and developing the art of authoring lay language summaries, understanding the value and nuances of QC’ing safety narratives and balancing the freedom of expression with the importance of compliance. It is a tight rope walk, with the need to stay abreast with the latest tools and technologies, evolving regulations and yet not lose the fine art if writing.

Program Highlights

  • The Fine Art of Publication Writing
  • The World of Ethics and Data Transparency: Is it finally about the Patient?
  • Building a medical writing business
  • Tracking the Safety Continuum
  • Challenges and Best Practices in Authoring Regulatory Documents

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