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Optimizing Global Labeling Operations

Boris Jankowski

From my experience and interacting with labeling professionals around me, I can safely say that 10 years ago labeling development by itself was sometimes very disconnected from the drug development process. When we look back we see a Target Product Profile (TPP)...

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Patient Reported Outcomes of Adverse Events (PRO-AEs) for Better PV Outcomes

Supriya Desai

The Patient-Reported Outcomes Safety Event Reporting (PROSPER) Consortium was convened to improve safety reporting by better incorporating the perspective of the patient. PROSPER comprises industry, regulatory authority, academic, private sector and patient representatives, interested in the area of patient reported outcomes of...

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David Balderson, Vice President of Global Safety Operations

Challenges in Achieving Excellence in Drug Safety

David Balderson

[This is the first in a two part series that discusses the challenges faced while driving excellence in drug safety. The series gives consideration to an alternative model that drives patient safety by successfully incorporating people, quality and compliance excellence. This post...

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