Dear Colleagues,

Let me begin by wishing all of you a wonderful 2018!

The New Year is always an occasion for optimism and hope. It’s ritualistic in certain respects, with the setting of goals and objectives for the year ahead and reflecting on the year that has passed. For most of us it is about family and friends coming together to share in the season’s festivities. I hope you enjoyed a warm and relaxing holiday season.

As I reflect on 2017, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction because it has been a strong year for Sciformix. We have been recognized by the industry for our scientific expertise, quality processes, customer centricity and technology excellence. With awards from Frost and Sullivan, GHP magazine, CIO Outlook Asia, CIO Review and CMO Asia, we’ve reinforced our position as a premier Scientific Process Organization (SPO).

On the topic of reflecting, I recall an article published in the ‘World Economic Forum’ in the beginning of last year which ambitiously pronounced 2017 as the year healthcare would go sci-fi! I remember thinking to myself about how technology breakthroughs are revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered. How the integration of vast amounts of real world data is giving care professionals deeper and more predictive insights into patient health. Technology has empowered healthcare organizations to offer healthcare access in places where it was previously out of reach. It has proved to be a great leveler in so many industries and in my opinion it will prove to be so in healthcare as well.

That is why I am delighted to see our new technology investments such as CISCO contact-center on-the-cloud and Argus safety-database-on-the-cloud, come to fruition. Along with our medical information solutions, this powerful suite of services can be delivered as an individual or integrated solution set and can be accessed at any time by anyone around the world. With minimum setup time, perpetual uptime and an integrated compliance, quality and process management systems, the offerings provide validated solutions and support clients across the globe.

These services combined with our progress in providing end-to-end Real World Evidence & Market Access services and opening a new operational hub in Romania have significantly expanded our capabilities. With life sciences companies having to ensure patient access and commercial success, RWE is being widely used by them to gain an understanding of disease epidemiology, patient journey, real-world use and effectiveness of treatment options, unmet patient needs and the value that products offer in sub-populations.

The industry is expanding into emerging markets and is demanding a larger geographic footprint from service organizations. Our expansion into main-land Europe via Romania allows us to address the unmet technology and service needs in Europe. The EU constitutes 40% of global drug production and is the second most important market after the US. Hence, servicing the EU and its distinct and diverse language requirements is a vital and inevitable need. We also have a deep desire to expand our work in biologics and in emerging markets like Asia Pacific, specifically South Korea and Taiwan. Sciformix is looking at these markets astutely as areas of growth and further expansion.

This is an exciting new era for life sciences companies and they will have to become more proactive with large communities of patients and go beyond the traditional data analysis and tools. Sciformix will continue to adopt and invest in new technologies like machine learning, AI and Big Data. We will also continue to keep a pulse on evolving macro and micro trends, persistently enhance customer experience, and ensure that our clients are getting the most value from our partnership in 2018 and for decades to come.

Yours sincerely,

Manish Soman
President and CEO
Sciformix Corporation