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Scientific Process Organization

Creating value with in-depth scientific knowledge, insights and processes

What is a SPO?

Sciformix Corporation is a leading Scientific Process Organization (SPO), providing science-based services to biopharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, consumer product, medical device, contract research and other healthcare companies. The services are in the areas of Safety and Risk Management, Clinical Research and Post Approval Support, and Regulatory Affairs. Our mission is to partner with global life science companies to provide high quality scientific expertise that delivers better quality outcomes and improved efficiencies across the entire product lifecycle with the ultimate objective of improving quality of healthcare for patients worldwide.

Scientific processes or science-based processes can be defined as domain-intensive processes in a scientific area where the achievement of objectives is highly dependent on the subject matter knowledge and experience of the people carrying out the activity. SPOs create value for their clients through their singular industry focus, strong domain competency, exceptional subject matter expertise, and uncompromising focus on quality.


BPOs focus primarily on process excellence, often with solid technology enablers. Reproducibility of tasks and predictability of outcomes is paramount, irrespective of the domain in which the process is being executed.

KPOs perform activities at the higher end of the value chain. These activities require thorough subject matter understanding of the domain and industry which the KPO focuses on, e.g. finance, legal or healthcare. The main remit of the KPO is to apply advanced analytical tools to make business decisions that are based on  depth in domain knowledge.

SPOs execute processes which are at the highest end of the spectrum with respect to scientific content, while using analytics and processes as enablers. SPOs primarily have exceptional scientific depth and hence the ability to derive meaningful insights from application of process to science.

SPOs as Partners of Life Science organizations

Life Sciences organizations partner with SPOs for such high-end science-based activities to derive value from access to a highly skilled and talented workforce and improved quality outcomes while gaining also through operational efficiencies and cost optimization. In today’s competitive environment, life science organizations must identify and focus on their core competencies and outsource non-core activities in order to achieve the ultimate objective of delivering high quality healthcare and healthcare products. Many companies have come to realize that by outsourcing these activities, not only are efficiencies improved and costs optimized, but the total business also improves because the focus of the internal experts shifts to the key growth areas of the organization.

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