DIA 28th Annual EuroMeeting

April 06-08, 2016

April 6-8, 2016
Hamburg, Germany

INnovation: Do You Win by Being IN?

In a world in which new therapies are being developed at a phenomenal rate, is innovation always the answer?

The DIA 28th Annual EuroMeeting brings stakeholders together to collaborate on when, where and how innovation leads to advances in health care product development.

From patient engagement in clinical trials to proactive lifecycle management, the 2016 themes have been designed to inspire breakthroughs in uncovering innovative solutions for patients. EuroMeeting 2016 themes take into account how all players along the product development life cycle, as well as societal needs, impact the development process. Additionally, these themes directly address the interdependencies of how policy decision makers and regulators anticipate, evaluate and adjust guidelines accordingly.

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