DIA: Innovations in Pharmacovigilance – the era of e-PV

May 13-14, 2016

May 13 – 14
Holiday Inn
Mumbai, India

The discipline of pharmacovigilance has undergone immense transformation throughout the world, in the last decade than ever before. With more regulatory actions being pronounced and with many countries enacting pharmacovigilance legislations, it is being increasingly recognized that patient safety is a concern for not only the regulators but other stakeholders too. Application and adoption of appropriate technology coupled with the exponential growth in the science of pharmacovigilance is revolutionizing patient safety in real time. Developing innovative workflows and deployment of relevant automation in carrying out pharmacovigilance activities indicates that the era of Electronic Pharmacovigilance has already arrived and is here to stay. Today, India holds a unique position in the pharmacovigilance space as the most preferred destination for global pharmaceutical companies to outsource their drug safety activities. In parallel, India is also firming up the country’s regulatory system to ensure utmost safety in clinical trials as well as in the post-marketing stages, which is a significant step into a promising future.

This conference aspires to bring together thought leaders representing many of the stakeholders of pharmacovigilance to deliberate the current best practices, debate on the available technology tools for data mining, elucidate on novel initiatives to augment handling of drug safety data and many other niche topics, with the focus being on pharmacovigilance and related professionals in India. The two-day conference will ensure
enough opportunity to interact with speakers and colleagues from the entire spectrum of the pharmacovigilance domain in India.”

Dr. David Balderson, Global Vice President Safety Operations at Sciformix will be speaking at the conference on the topic “Social Media the New Challenge in PV.”

Sciformix will also be participating in the panel discussion on “Medical Evaluation of Aggregate Reports & RMP’s.” Representing Sciformix will be Sanyogita Rane and Gunjan Shah.

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