Data-Driven Patient Recruitment

May 2014
Featuring: Dr. Chitra Lele, Sciformix Corporation

A data-driven approach to patient recruitment is increasingly being followed, based on data from electronic health records, patient databases containing anonymized health data, demographic and epidemiological data, historical clinical trial data and secondary data, Dr. Lele says.

“This includes data-driven approaches to protocol feasibility, statistical projections of disease prevalence, and predictive analytics for site selection,” she says.

Dr. Lele says while there is a gap in structure and content between data documented during patient care and data required for patient eligibility assessment, EHR data on a patient’s age, gender, disease state, and other parameters can be used for an effective screening process with an intelligent selection of patients and patient data.

“The growth of electronic health data is paving the way for a more efficient, scalable method of recruit patients for clinical trials,” she says. “Electronic health records form the basis of initial pre-selection of patients. The EHR data can be queried for eligibility criteria using screening algorithms, to expedite the screening process and to get the eligible patients faster.”

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