Manufacturing Chemist Interview with Manish Soman, CEO Sciformix

Manish Soman is CEO of a leading global scientific process organisation, Sciformix. He joined the firm in October 2012 and has big plans for it to help life science companies deliver the promise of personalised medicine through better access and analysis of big data. Jane Ellis talks to him about his vision for the future.

Manish Soman has a proven track record of growing and building successful global businesses and practices. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience, encompassing project management, consulting services, systems development and implementation, as well as business operations.

He has worked in a number of regions across the world, including the US, Europe, India and the Far East, with special emphasis in life science, banking and financial services. He believes his experiences have helped him to become a valued leader in his markets and to hone his relationship, leadership, planning, co-ordination and analytical skills.

Soman joined Sciformix in October 2012 as President and CEO. ‘I was given an entrepreneurial opportunity to grow something in a niche area and it is this that attracted me to the job,’ he explains.

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