Offshore Outsourcing: An Innovative Model to Improving Medical Information Operations

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
Sept/Oct 2014

Naomi Musaji, PharmD, Director Medical Affairs, Par Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Bindu Narang, MPharm, Director Regulatory Affairs and Scientific Writing, Sciformix Corporation
Vishaka Parulekar, MBBS, DPM, Lead Medical Review, Sciformix Corporation

Increasingly, consumers are taking responsibility for their own healthcare and accessing information in different ways. This increased ability to access data coupled with a more savvy population means that the US, EU, and other countries are experiencing a growing influx of medical inquiries from patients and their healthcare providers. MI services can be successfully outsourced to an offshore FSP specializing in the field and thus relieve the burden on internal resources at a pharmaceutical company. The use of an FSP provides an effective strategy for US and global organizations to manage MI by centralizing and sharing expert resources. This model facilitates the dissemination of MI while maintaining regulatory compliance, and containing cost via process efficiencies.

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