Patient-Based Culture

April 2019
Featuring: Susan Najjar, Sciformix – A Covance Company

Not much more than 5 years ago, UCB was one of the first pharma companies to bring patient centeredness deep into its culture, moving away from the traditional product-based model driven revenue growth and sales toward the growth of creating value for each and every patient.

According to a white paper published by WEGO, this change in focus and approach first affected the ways UCB conducted its product development and service design. For example, cross-functional teams are now in place to focus on a particular therapeutic area, instead of having the company organized by function. Products and services are now designed around the patient’s experience and point of view. New principles have been embedded into its corporate culture and employees’ daily habits as a result. UCB’s cultural mantra has become: “What difference can I in the lives of people living with severe chronic diseases?”

Since UCB’s initiative, many more pharma companies have begun to integrate patient-focused thinking into their organization by creating patient programs, identifying patient-focused leaders, and creating patient-centric departments.

Astellas, Novartis and Janssen, among others followed suit, shifting to a new paradigm that radiates from the core of each company.

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