Patient Centricity in Pharmacovigilance: New Directions and New Horizons for Transformation

Pharmacovigilance Review
November, 2015
Author: Supriya Desai, Sciformix Corporation

Patients usually report adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to their doctors. However, since only 5% of doctors are estimated to participate in PV, traditional mechanisms may not be efficient in ensuring adequate safety reporting. Data from studies indicate that systems which enable direct recording of patient concerns may identify new drug safety signals earlier than professional reporting systems alone. This emphasises that the patients’ role in actively reporting ADRs is key to building a better PV ecosystem.

Public health programmes and responsible media coverage aimed at increasing access to drug information has led patients in many countries to take greater responsibility for their own health. This is reflected in the creation of patient charters, patients’ bills of rights and patient advocacy groups. For example, patients with HIV/AIDS have been instrumental in creating international awareness of disease impact, improving access to therapies and communication of associated medication risks.

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