Patient/Caregiver Empowerment

December, 2015
Featuring: David Balderson, Sciformix Corporation

Patient empowerment is creating a shift in not only marketing but also clinical strategies for the industry. As patients take more control of their healthcare decisions and needs, they are inadvertently forcing the healthcare environment around them to change. As physicians evolve their approach to focus more on meeting the demands of information from digital savvy patients, and the demand for quality patient outcomes from payers, the life-scienes industry has started to follow suit. In the years to come, a focus on customer exprience and engagement will become an increasingly large portion of the value proposition for products and brands. To provide this value, the industry will need to up its game in terms of relationships, communication, and developing strategies that address the needs and expectations of today’s patients, as well as caregivers, providers and payers.

Patient enagagement has been called the ‘Blockbuster Drug of the Century” because of its potential power, says Vera Rulon, director, external medical communications, Pfizer Medical.

“This power stems fundementally from access to information: information about a disease, about healthcare providers, treatments and medicines, and about personal health information,” she says. “The industry is starting to recognize that patients aren’t standing still, and are already re-defining the shift in the industry’s strategies, creating many intriguing examples of organizations re-orienting themselves to become more patient centric.”

There are several new themes running through the patient-centric dialogue, including knowledge sharing, patient programs, and new research techniques. Silos need to be eliminated, integration and partnering will be key, and the buzzword “patient centric” will become not only a corporate philosophy, but a solid business model.

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