Enabling More Informed Drug Safety Decisions with Comprehensive Risk Management Services

CIO Review India
May, 2017
Featuring: Fran Bates, VP – Technology Services and David Balderson, VP – Global Safety Operations

In conversation with CIOReview, Fran Bates, Vice President of Technology Services and David Balderson, Vice President of Global Safety Operations, Sciformix Corporation, express their views on the ever evolving and transformative technologies in the life sciences sector and how Sciformix is positioned in this segment.

Q1. What message would you like to convey to our audience of CIOs & CXOs about the Life Science Industry?
A. This is a unique time for the life science industry as it is at the cusp of transforming not only how medicines are developed but also how they are delivered to patients around the world. Technology will propel this evolution by enabling complex analytics and predictive modeling; however technology alone is not enough. To fully leverage technology advancements, solutions require the right combination of specialized scientific, regulatory and technical expertise. Companies that recognize and plan for the integration of these disciplines, and apply them to the challenge at hand, will see greater success in managing the lifecycle of their products. Organizations have to prioritize where to allocate their resources and it is not surprising that most companies focus on new drug discovery rather than an integrated strategy. Specialized outsourcing partners like Sciformix help fill this gap in a cost effective manner, making a profound impact on operations in terms of insight, quality and compliance. By combining the team’s functional knowledge in safety and risk management (in clinical trials and post-marketing) with the acquired technology and process skillsets, Sciformix has the ability to help organizations that are looking to innovate and improve their operations via technology.

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