Consumer Products

Navigate the maze of regulatory and development challenges

Consumer goods companies need to respond to significant challenges, given the current conditions of the industry: rising raw material and energy costs are eroding margins; innovation efforts are not delivering the expected results; consumers are harder to target, reach and satisfy, and loyalty is decreasing; supply chains are becoming more complex; and global regulatory requirements are growing in complexity and at a significant rate. Consequently, consumer goods companies are focusing on consumer-driven innovation to drive sustainable growth, achieve product compliance, deliver differentiated alternatives to private labels and launch products that leverage the health, nutrition, premiumisation and ethnicity trends.

From strategic planning and regulatory oversight to managing regulatory processes and preparing submissions, our global experience in consumer products helps pave your path to market success. Sciformix invests in building cutting edge expertise and delivery models and services which complement our consumer product client’s needs. We specialize in scientific knowledge-based processes and provide end-to-end services in a cost effective manner. Our flexible approach also allows you to pick and choose activities within our service portfolio. By offering an integrated product delivery solution approach and leveraging our domain, process and technology expertise, we help our customers:

  • Ensure that they meet the ever changing global regulatory landscape and achieve 100% compliance
  • Balance resourcing as your portfolio adjusts to pipeline, regulatory and market fluctuations
  • Lower risk and maximize value during product commercialization
  • Reveal your product’s value to the market
  • Make “go/no go” decisions through the entire product lifecycle

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