Ease the pain and complexities of labeling

Achieve quality, compliance and efficiency

via integrated product labeling

Product labeling is a highly regulated and complex process. The product label can include multiple documents targeted at diverse audiences such as patients, physicians and pharmacists. A product label is very specific and precise in its content, especially with respect to safety data and adverse effects. Furthermore, the label needs to comply with country-specific regulations governing the product.

Changing regulatory requirements and the numerous hand-offs require extensive reviews and proof-reading to ensure that the printed label is error-free. This adds significantly to the cost and time, not to mention the possibility of introducing manual errors.

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Increase your efficiency, quality and compliance by outsourcing to a Trusted Labeling specialist with:

  • Expertise in global regulatory affairs and labeling
  • Integrated and automated labeling workflow, tools and infrastructure
  • Resources to scale up and down to
  • Proven labeling results at top innovator and generics companies

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