Transforming Life Science Operations

Technology Services

Deploying technology for better insight, analytics and compliance

Driven by increasing globalization, market consolidation, the burgeoning of digital avenues, and reforms in the regulatory environment, the life science industry has opened up and accelerated its adoption of IT and business process outsourcing. Companies have had to reassess their business operations and how they impact productivity, operational costs, quality, and audit readiness. Technology has become an essential enabler of these goals and has also fostered innovation to support changing business demands.

To enable transformation, one of the major challenges organizations have had to face is how to effectively integrate the complexities of two seemingly separate functions, technology and science across all phases of the product development life cycle. Companies that have recognized the synergies of an integrated strategy and unified communication process have gained an upper hand and are poised to witness greater success in proactively managing their products while focusing on business priorities. While this recognition is essential, having the capability to engage expert resources with these disparate skills is difficult to achieve.

Sciformix can help companies realize this paradigm shift and improve quality and productivity while reducing their risk. Our services can help  companies access clouds of capability, deploy applications and create enterprise portals for improving business performance through operational analytics. The result is a cost-effective global model that ensures the highest standards of compliance, quality and agility for reacting to change.

We provide Global Technology Services in the following areas:

Download Brochure: Integrated Technology Solution for Drug Safety (pdf)