Sciformix Corporation CSO Dr Chitra Lele Honoured in PharmaVOICE 100

Recognized for pioneering work in service provision across global markets

Boston, US (1st August 2014) – Sciformix Corporation, a world leading Scientific Process Organization (SPO), has announced that Dr. Chitra Lele, Chief Scientific Officer, has been named in the top 100 most inspiring people in the life sciences industry by PharmaVOICE magazine. Dr. Lele was selected from distinguished nominees that represent a broad cross section of life science sectors based on affecting positive changes within their companies and the industry at large. Dr. Lele has been recognized for her ability to view industry trends as challenges not burdens, and as opportunities not obstacles; her passion and conviction for the industry; her ability to innovate and think outside of the box and develop breakthrough strategies, products, and services; for pioneering new paths and lifting her company to new heights.

With over a 20 year career in pharma, Dr. Lele has played a pioneering role in the creation and implementation of a globally distributed outsourcing model for key product lifecycle support services, including biometrics, scientific writing, safety and risk management, and regulatory affairs. By operationalizing a globally distributed model to support the design, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials, specifically regarding the offshoring of biometrics and medical writing, Chitra facilitated a change in the way the pharma industry started looking at sourcing clinical trial related services, leading to a permanent shift in the industry’s operational model and opening up new frontiers.

Dr. Lele has been instrumental in establishing Sciformix Corporation in all respects, from the management of operations and delivery, to strategizing the organizational path and trajectory, growing the business and laying down the foundations of the organization which has been conducive to its growth. Chitra has been integral to the success of the company, chartering the path of Sciformix by determining services to focus on across a number of segments, the geographies to grow in, partnership models suited for each service line and the conceptualization of new solutions and offerings.

Manish Soman, President and CEO at Sciformix, said: “Chitra’s astute management and leadership skills have been vital to Sciformix’s growth, and have been truly reflected in the company’s success. She has enabled us to push the boundaries within the life sciences sector, and is instrumental in shaping and positioning Sciformix as an SPO. Chitra has expanded the global reach of Sciformix for the services we offer by directing us to where the talent pool is based, in order to provide the best quality support to our clients.”

He continued: “This helps when developing partnerships across stakeholders, including the CRO’s and the regulators, in addition to the pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Together with this, Chitra has evolved new, niche solutions and service offerings in areas of safety signal detection and post-approval services based on emerging trends. It is fantastic for her to have received this recognition for her hard work and commitment.”

Dr. Lele commented: “To be honoured by my peers for making a major contribution in this area and to the overall advancement of our industry is very gratifying. I find that while it is fantastic to look at previous achievements, our industry is in a very dynamic state, and we need to concentrate our efforts on the challenges ahead to break through to new horizons; electronic health records, social media and ‘Big Data’ are forcing a revolution that we have to embrace. With new operating and partnership models emerging across product development and lifecycle maintenance, new cross functional and technology-based innovative offerings are the need of the hour, and I will be putting my efforts into initiatives at Sciformix that will fulfil this need of the industry now and moving forward into the future.”

Sciformix, headquartered in the USA, with operations in India and the Philippines, partners with clients through the entire drug development cycle, to provide a full range of services from study design to post-marketing surveillance and commercialization support. Areas of specialization include Safety and Risk Management, Clinical Research & Post Approval Support Services, Medical Affairs, Scientific Writing and Regulatory Affairs.

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About Chitra Lele

 Dr Lele is Chief Scientific Officer at Sciformix Corporation, with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She has been part of the company’s leadership from its inception and has been instrumental in establishing and growing the organisation. Prior to Sciformix, Chitra was Executive Director responsible for Indian operations of Pfizer Global R&D. With a PhD in Statistics from Stanford University, her prior experience includes work as a biostatistician in cancer epidemiology at both Stanford and University of California.

About Sciformix

Sciformix Corporation is a world leading Scientific Process Organization (SPO), providing scientific knowledge-based services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, generics, consumer products, medical devices and other healthcare companies – in the areas of Safety and Risk Management, Clinical Research & Post-Approval Services and Regulatory Affairs. Our mission is to partner with global life science companies to provide high quality scientific knowledge-based expertise that deliver better quality outcomes and improved efficiencies across the entire product lifecycle with the ultimate objective of improving quality of healthcare for patients worldwide. Corporate headquarters is located in Westborough, MA with operations in USA, India and the Philippines.

We create value for our clients through our singular focus on the life sciences industry, strong pharmaceutical domain competency, exceptional subject matter expertise, industry reputed scientific advisory board, uncompromising focus on quality, process rigor, predictable results, and ability to scale. Our portfolio of services spans the full spectrum of product lifecycle from pre-clinical and clinical to post marketing activities to help our customers solve complex analytical challenges, improve the quality of patient healthcare and increase client productivity.

Sciformix is dedicated to providing our clients outstanding services and solutions, fueled by an unrivalled commitment to quality. We share the same level of involvement, dedication and passion as our clients by becoming an integral part of their team. Our distinct combination of scientific expertise, process rigor and technology innovation delivers consistent, reliable and insightful results. Our ability to scale and grow to meet your evolving needs means we are flexible and dedicated to your success in delivering safe products with more efficiency and greater speed. We help you make the right decisions at the right time by providing Trusted Services Built on Science.