Sciformix Corporation Launches Safety and Risk Management Technology Platform

New Platform transforms and enhances safety and risk management services offerings to reduce complexity, achieve operational excellence, and gain better insight through analytics

May 2018, Boston, MA – Sciformix Corporation, a leading scientific knowledge-based services organization, today launched a platform of new technology solutions to greatly expand its capabilities to offer end-to-end solutions in the area of Safety & Risk Management. This expansion is part of Sciformix’s strategy to address today’s unmet technology services needs for life sciences customers.

For life science organizations, the journey from pharmacovigilance (PV) system selection to a production-ready, optimized PV technology platform is a time consuming, costly process that requires significant experience and knowledge. As the requirements of technology infrastructure and regulatory compliance increase in complexity, the effort required to implement and maintain PV information systems also expands.

To reduce this complexity, Sciformix has enhanced its capabilities by launching the Sciformix Safety and Risk Management Technology Platform. The platform includes best in class industry solutions, internally developed integrations and automations, proprietary IT QMS processes, and expertise to provide end-to-end safety services.

Sciformix is now hosting and offering 3 new market leading solutions that can be deployed as a standalone or an integrated solution set. These gold standard solutions are cloud based, compliant and secure making them easy to deploy, scale and maintain for today’s ever changing environments.
• The market leading PV enterprise software platform, Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition. The platform provides customers a solution to ensure operational excellence, with simplified reporting and analytics.
• The gold standard web based medical information software platform, IRMS (Information Request Management System) from Online Business Applications, with modules for adverse event capture & reporting, product complaint handling & tracking, content management and quality assurance, assuring conformance with global data privacy regulations.
• The Cisco Contact Center Platform, an advanced call center management solution, which is highly scalable and fault tolerant, while featuring encrypted call records on a qualified platform based on the Sciformix IT QMS.

In addition, Sciformix is launching SciPortal, a new platform that provides a technology foundation for its growing portfolio of safety and risk management automation solutions. This enables a common user experience, consistent compliance, ease of support and shortened automation development times. Productivity, compliance and quality enhancing automations in workflow management will be centrally located in the portal, including case processing BOT applications, rule-based automated quality checks, medical assessment assistive tools and process knowledge repositories.

The components of the Sciformix Safety and Risk Management Technology platform are flexible and can be implemented standalone or a combination of multiple tools. The platform is available for customers who require either safety operations and/or technology services support.

Manish Soman, President & CEO, Sciformix Corporation comments, “Among the critical challenges life science organizations face today is the lack of IT technology expertise required to efficiently manage scientific and medical information across all aspects of the product lifecycle. Organizations typically deprioritize building end-to-end technology capabilities that can increase efficiencies and enhance product value while focusing resources on drug discovery and development efforts. Sciformix’s technology platform helps to address this critical industry bottleneck.”

Soman added: “Sciformix’s long term strategy focuses on evolving and enhancing our services and technology offerings, broadening our global reach and growing and diversifying our client base. Our new cloud-based technology platform and service offerings contribute toward these objectives.”

With headquarters in the United States and operations in the United Kingdom, Romania, India and the Philippines, Sciformix partners with Life Sciences clients to provide a full range of services including safety and risk management, clinical development, real world evidence and market access, scientific writing, regulatory affairs and technology services.

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