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A Successful Labeling Operations Sourcing Model Implemented at Top 5 Pharma

Mark Thomas

Medical product labeling is a highly regulated and complex process. Oftentimes pharmaceutical companies turn to specialized outsourcing organizations to augment their expertise and staff. A top 5 global pharmaceutical company required support for their global product labeling operations, specifically on the creation...

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Consensus Guidelines: A Tool for Establishing Evidence-Based Practices

Dr. Chinmayee Joshi

Evidence-based practice is based on critical assessment of the scientific evidence surrounding a particular medical product which can come from sources such as well-designed randomized clinical trials, cohort studies, observational studies, retrospective data reviews, etc. Such evidence allows us to evaluate the...

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Soma Das, Assistant Manager, Medical Review

Good Publication Practice 3 (GPP3) in Practice: A Road Map to Ethics & Transparency in Medical Communication

Soma Das

Good publication practice (GPP) guidelines advocate clear, timely, transparent and high quality reporting of research results sponsored or supported by pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and biotechnology companies. Good Publication Practice 3 (GPP3) guidelines published in August 2015 retain the core values of...

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