Susan Najjar, Director of Marketing at Sciformix

Technology & Automation Drive Operational Efficiencies Across the PV Continuum

Susan Najjar

We are all aware that what we know of Pharmacovigilance today will radically transform in the future with the use of automation and technology tools. Companies that implement these tools in their PV operations can experience greatly improved efficiency, compliance and quality.

The PV automation landscape ranges from basic automation to robotic process automation (RPA) to cognitive automation to artificial intelligence (AI) and offers the opportunity to develop and deploy a wide variety of technology tools that can be utilized to drive operational efficiencies across the PV continuum.

At Sciformix, we are aware of the potential benefits that automation tools offer and how our clients can take advantage of these tools. We also understand the importance of ensuring a successful PV automation roadmap to prepare them for the future. That’s why we are excited to discuss our RPA tool – CPAT (Case Processing Automation Tool) and the efficiencies it can offer our clients and potential customers. Our CPAT tool undertakes case data entry in the safety database and can help with significant effort savings along with improved quality and compliance.

Automation if implemented fully holds the promise of multiple benefits including nearly 100% regulatory compliance with faster turn-around-time, improved quality through standardized inputs, automated case intake and case processing, and enhanced productivity with expected efficiency gains of up to 50%. Automation tools like CPAT can be implemented with minimum or zero disruption to existing safety systems and are scalable solutions capable of handling increasing safety data volumes through multiple sources and diverse incoming data formats.

To learn more about CPAT, it features and the potential benefits it offers, please consider listening to this short podcast by Supriya Desai, Practice Director, Global Pharmacovigilance on ‘Transforming the Pharmacovigilance Continuum with Technology and Automation’.

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