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Life Science organizations are expanding into new geographical regions to expand business and product longevity. This decentralization can, in many cases, slow down complex processes, reduce operational efficiency and profitability, and delay time-to-market. One such process is product labeling. By automating time-consuming, error-prone activities organizations can improve efficiency and quality, while ensuring that local regulations are met.Pharmaceutical product labeling is a highly regulated and multifaceted process. A product label is very specific in its content, with respect to safety data, adverse effects and compliance to country specific regulations. Changing regulatory requirements and the number of human resource intensive hand-offs makes the process more complex and costly. Organizations develop standard operating procedures to streamline the process and minimize errors. This whitepaper demonstrates how Managed Services delivers compliance throughout your organization with higher efficiency and quality through automation and streamlined workflow processes to manage documents and standardize labels and artwork content across geographies.

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