Real World Evidence (RWE) within the realm of data is gaining increasing importance not just from a payer perspective but also from a regulatory perspective. The recent release of the FDA’s new strategic framework to advance the use of RWE to support development of drugs and biologics reinforces the fact that there is an ever growing interest to not only generate real world evidence but also demonstrate value to relevant stakeholders involved in the patient access decision making process. New age healthcare apps and digital therapeutics are also gaining a lot of traction, and real world evidence is critical in measuring the impact of these interventions on health outcomes.

This webinar showcases how RWE and data analytics can be leveraged for evidence generation and value demonstration.


  • Generating and Harnessing Real-world Evidence in the Era of Big Data
  • Immuno-oncology, Survival Modeling and Nice Assessment: Get Ahead of the Curve
  • How to collect RWE to show an App Increases Patient Engagement & Improves Outcomes

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