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Flexible and Customized Solutions that Grow with You

Emerging market expansion, company consolidations, market volatility, shrinking profit margins, heavy competition, growing regulatory pressure, the demand for more and better products and the need for more specialized resources are just some of the challenges the global life science industry is facing. To address these issues, organizations are changing their business models. They are leveraging economies of scale, capitalizing on synergies, and expanding their pipeline into new markets and new product categories. They are also increasing partnerships in areas previously considered proprietary, redefining corporate strategy via diversification versus specialization, and deliberately focusing on improving collaborations.

One of the biggest operational, and thus quality and compliance challenge, that organizations face in rapidly changing environment is the rising and unpredictable volumes coupled with increasing complexity, regulatory requirements, knowledge/expertise and cost. The effects can be significant, ranging from high rates of employee overtime, staff turnover and backlog, resulting in decrease in quality and employee morale. Responding to unpredictable volume fluctuations through timely and cost intensive hiring and training efforts might not be an optimal solution for some organizations. That is why we offer you Smart Scalability.

Smart Scalability proactively manages the inherent fluctuations in the process through thoroughly mapped LEAN Process integrated with enterprise wide systems as well as clearly defined metrics. Through the framework, we augment the management of teams and employees by standardizing repetitive tasks and reducing mundane decisions so that we can focus on the complete picture and react quickly to crisis. Our automated enterprise technology platform and process management systems enable us to implement LEAN operations and ensure optimal resource utilization and quality, compliant results.

Through the Smart Scalability framework, we hire best-in-class talent from leading medical and pharmacy schools and intensively train them in their respective functional areas of expertise. Our Performance Management System encourages structured, training and cross training of recruits and ensures the availability of the right talent to the engagement. Our Knowledge Management System enables us to capture, share and reuse expert knowledge across the organization and with our clients. It ensures continuity and retention of information of the engagement that helps us improve our training, process and performance management continuously and thus scalability.