Working with Clients

Technology Innovation

Employing best-in-class tools improve collaboration and maximize efficiency

As our processes become LEAN, our technology tool must supplement them. Core to our values, innovation instills an entrepreneurial mindset in Sciformix employees, allowing them to recognize and exploit opportunities for technical innovations that facilitate our ability to implement best practices and continually improve how we serve our customers. We are dedicated to using best-in-class tools to help us research, communicate, collaborate and ensure that we deliver quality product on a consistent and predictable basis.

Our automated enterprise platform and process management systems enable us to implement LEAN processes that ensure optimal resource utilization and efficiency of our people and processes. This platform lets clients track the process; monitor metrics and extract meaningful reports, all in real-time either via phone, tablet or laptop. Our knowledge management system helps us capture, share and reuse experts knowledge across the organization and with our clients.

No more surprises. Just predictability.

Sciformix has a unique blend of being able to host our clients safety databases whilst serving them with pharmacovigilance services. Our platform features an extremely configurable workflow engine and hosts application that uniquely aids:

  • Contact center management
  • Case management
  • Quality management
  • Project management

A comprehensive solution for pharmacovigilance: Companies are increasingly shifting their focus to a more holistic view of product safety beginning in clinical development and continuing through post-market surveillance. Sciformix’s comprehensive platform designed specifically to address the life sciences industry’s complex pharmacovigilance requirements. Our advanced database helps ensure global regulatory compliance enables sound safety decisions and integrates safety and risk management functions.

A comprehensive solution for clinical data management: Sciformix provides a single application and infrastructure for EDC and CDMS built on proven technology for scalability. It enables the management of all clinical trial data in a single system, improving accuracy, visibility and data integrity. It also provides improved site productivity and operational efficiencies .